10 Oct 2002

Fiji cane growers oppose pay rise for politicians

11:30 am on 10 October 2002

The Fiji Cane Growers Association has opposed any increase in pay and allowances for the country's MPs.

Its secretary, Bala Dass, has told the parliamentary emoluments committee that any increase is totally unjustified.

The committee is currently considering an increase.

Mr Dass says given the social and financial ills facing Fiji, a salary increase for MPs would be immoral and unethical.

He says it's hypocritical of MPs even to think they deserve better salaries.

He says the money can be better spent on fighting crime and addressing basic bread and butter issues.

All MPs from both houses receive a salary plus numerous allowances, medical insurance, overseas travel benefits and the special privilege of buying a duty-free vehicle.

Mr Dass says this is totally unfair compared with other parliaments in the world.