10 Oct 2002

Solomon Islands welcomes emergency supply of drugs

11:50 am on 10 October 2002

The Solomon Islands Medical Association says an AUSAID delivery of drugs and medicines planned for this week will be life saving.

Association chairman, Dr John Kure, says the clinics and hospitals are running out of everything, even basic drugs.

Dr Kure says the holdup of an allocation of 3 million dollars worth of drugs from AUSAID hasn't helped but the emergency supplies will.

"If that comes that would be a life-saving thing that AusAid is doing. We are running out of almost every basic thing. We're talking about glass in the operating theatre, in the labour ward. Sutures material, intravenous giving sets. We're running out of blood transfusion sets, we cannot even do operations. We have run out of i/v fluids, even very, very basic drugs."