12 Oct 2002

Fiji cane growers leader criticises Indo-Fijian MPs

9:03 am on 12 October 2002

The Fiji Cane Growers Association has sharply criticised Indo-Fijian members of parliament, saying many of them regard Fiji as a second home.

The association's general secretary, Bala Dass, says after every parliamentary session, most of these MPs fly out to Australia and New Zealand to spend time with their families who have been living there for many years.

Mr Dass says for this reason it is very important to have a Codeof Ethics to make MPs declare all their business, financial, personal and other interests.

He says the lack of a Code of Ethics and a Code of Conduct is responsible for the denigrating behaviour of MPs in parliament.

Mr Dass says they have achieved nothing for ordinary citizens aside from their consistent mud slinging, racial abuse and seditious remarks.

In opposing a pay rise for members of parliament, Mr Dass says "Monkeys deserve peanuts not a pay rise."