15 Oct 2002

Three New Caledonian ministers refuse to shift premises

9:50 am on 15 October 2002

New Caledonia's vice-president, Dewe Gorodey, says she is refusing to shift her office into new premises because she doesn't want the territorial government to be under the control of the administration of the southern province.

Mrs Gorodey and her two ministerial colleagues from the FLNKS movement, Aukisitino Menuohalalo and Gerald Cortot, decided to stay in their offices where the phones have been been disconnected.

She says they don't want to be attached to and put under surveillance of the provincial administration which is run by the anti-independence leader, Jacques Lafleur.

Mrs Gorodey says she wants the seat of the goverment to be in a neutral place.

President Pierre Frogier has described the stance as derisory and unworthy of elected officials.