16 Oct 2002

Solomons lawyer says Townsville Peace Agreement should not end

11:52 am on 16 October 2002

One of the people who drew up the Townsville Peace Agreement, which formally ended hostilities in Solomon Islands two years ago, says it should continue because its aims have not been achieved.

The Solomon Islands Government has been celebrating the end of the two years mandate of the TPA, but the former Malaitan Eagle Force spokesman Andrew Nori, says many of the provisions of the TPA have not been met.

The TPA is seen as having failed in its primary aim of eliminating guns from the community.

But Andrew Nori says there are other key aspects in the document, such as those dealing with reconciliation and land, which need to be implemented.

"There are many other provisions, which are yet to be implemented and as long as those provisions remain in the TPA, aah, to be implemented, the rights of the signatries still remain."

Andrew Nori.

Meanwhile the Opposition leader, Patteson Oti, says the Government should step down because it has failed to show the leadership needed to implement the TPA.