16 Oct 2002

South Korean evades Fiji officials due to deport him

11:43 am on 16 October 2002

Security at Fiji's main gateway, Nadi International Airport, has come under scrutiny after a Chinese national fled the departure lounge as he was being deported.

The Daily Post reports the man evaded security and immigration officials as he was being led to board a Korean Air flight.

The man was of Chinese descent but was carrying a South Korean passport and had been ordered to be flown to Seoul.

The Post says questions are now being raised about security at the airport.

It quotes sources as saying while most of the security detail is left to guards from a private company, its workers often fail to work.

The sources say although closed circuit television is installed to monitor breaches of security, questions arise about those who are supposed to monitor the system.

Police pulled out of the airport earlier this month because of budget constraints and are now stationed at Namaka several kilometres away.