16 Oct 2002

Lack of action on Fiji Auditor General's report would hurt government

5:31 pm on 16 October 2002

The Citizen's Constitutional Forum in Fiji has warned that a lack of action on the recent Auditor General's report would be terminal for the government.

The report contained details of abuse of public funds, through fraud and mismanagement, which it said was rife in the public service.

However the Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase, told local television that the Auditor General should focus on irregularities and deficiencies and should not express opinions on poltical issues or government policies.

Jone Dakuvula of the CCF, says Mr Qarase's response to the report illustrates his guilt over the issues raised.

Mr Dakuvula says a lack of action would result in a loss of credibility for an already struggling government.

"They've lost a lot of their own supporters. If there's an election tomorrow they'll be gone, finished and it's so unfortunate because here we have got some of the most capable Fijians that people had looked up to set standards and good examples of good governance and they've done worse than previous Fijian governments."

Jone Dakuvula.