17 Oct 2002

Cook Islanders support calls for political reform

12:13 pm on 17 October 2002

A Cook Islands citizens reform committee says there's been a lot of support for their calls for action on political reform.

The chairman of the Political Reform Conference, Tua Pitman, says it's time that political parties acted on recommendations by a four year old commission of enquiry.

It found that a radical overhaul of the system was needed, including reducing the number of MPs and reducing the parliamentary term from five to four years.

Mr Pitman says since going public, there has been a lot of support from Cook Islanders who are tired of some self serving politicians.

"At the moment, all the to-ing and fro-ing amongst members of parliament has brought about some conflict, division and bitterness within villages and families and communities and even the churches, so everybody is fed up with this system we have now and the way some of our parliamentarians have been carrying out their duties."

Mr Pitman says politicians will be invited to their conference next month and asked to state whether they will take action on political reform.