18 Oct 2002

Congressman to enquire into fuel quality in American Samoa

4:54 pm on 18 October 2002

The American Samoan congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin is seeking answers from the US Environmental Protection Agency or EPA regarding the quality of fuel supplied to the territory.

Faleomavaega has asked the administrator Christine Whitman, to look into reports that Mobil shipments in the last two years may not have been dosed with a required detergent additive.

Faleomavaega says he doesn't know why BP fuel arrives with the additive and Mobil fuel does not.

He has also expressed concern about what EPA procedures are in place to monitor whether the additive is being properly blended before being distributed.

Faleomavaega says if an EPA investigation concludes that either company has failed to comply with federal law, he would like to see an assessment of the damage that may have been caused to American Samoa's environment.

He says if damage has been caused an apology and compensation would be in order.