21 Oct 2002

Fiji's PM warns SDL members against supporting Labour in Suva's mayoral race

6:58 am on 21 October 2002

Fiji's Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase, has warned members of his ruling SDL party elected to the Suva City Council not to support the Labour Party in the mayoral race.

The Sunday Times quotes Mr Qarase as saying that such support could set a precedent on which the Supreme Court could base its ruling on the issue of a multi party government.

Mr Qarase is reported to have told councillors that the court may take the view that if the SDL and Labour can work together in local government, they can do the same at the national level.

the issue arose after SDL councillors refused to back Mr Qarase's endorsement of the current mayor, Chandu Umaria, who is from the NFP-moderates coalition, which holds the largest number of seats on the Suva council.