21 Oct 2002

Fiji's New Labour Party deplores inaction over mismanagement

2:58 pm on 21 October 2002

Fiji's New Labour Party has hit out at what it calls the lack of action year-in, year-out over the financial mismanagement and corruption revealed by the auditor-general's report.

The party says given this state of affairs, the bureaucrats-cum-felons have become bold and will re-offend.

New Labour's general secretary, Tomasi Tokalauvere, says it is a serious matter that civil servants dip into the national coffers to satisfy their fraudulent appetites, and shower on girl friends, posh cars and lavish lifestyles.

He says after the National Bank scandal in which everyone involved got away scott-free, the agriculture ministry and immigration scams and numerous financial frauds, Fiji has gained international notoriety as a ciriminal haven.

Mr Tokalauvere blames this on crooks in government offices, bungling bureaucrats, self-serving and bible-bashing politicians, political clergies, military mercenaries, greedy zealaots, fly-by-night investors abd a corrupt private sector.

He says the auditor-general should initiate criminal proceedings against errant bureaucrats and top governemnt officials.