22 Oct 2002

Claims of Indonesia blacklisting Papuans

11:16 am on 22 October 2002

A Papuan independence activist says the Indonesian security forces have drawn up a blacklist of 12-hundred people they are targetting in a crackdown on the separatist movement.

Several months ago it was revealed that police in the province had launched a campaign to undermine the independence movement and destroy its main body, the Presidium Council.

At the time minutes of police meetings obtained by the media showed the security forces saw the militia groups as ill-equipped, poorly co-ordinated and relatively inactive.

But they expressed concerned about the political movement headed by the Presidium, and its ability to win international backing.

A Port Moresby-based spokesman for the Presidium, Clemens Runawery, says 12-hundred people including human rights activists face monitoring and possible arrest.

"it means that the kinds of activities associated with the independence movement are closely monitored. Even the human rights advocates who have nothing to do with the independence part but they speak purely on human rights aspects, they have also been labeled as people who are advancing the Papuan independence cause."

Clemens Runawery