26 Oct 2002

American Samoan village re-introduces curfew

9:17 am on 26 October 2002

Traditional leaders in the American Samoan village of Atu'u have re-imposed a nightly curfew to combat social problems they say are caused by the number of nightclubs in the area.

There have been fights, stabbings and other incidents over the years and villagers have demanded that something be done about it.

The village chief, Leo'o Va'a Ma'o says the latest curfew has three parts.

At nine pm all school students are required to be in their homes.

At ten, all visitors must leave the streets and stores must stop selling alcohol.

The 10 pm curfew will also apply to taxis using Atu'u as a taxi-stand at night.

Nightclubs which are licensed will be allowed to stay open until 2 am.but patrons will not be allowed to roam the streets.

Village police will enforce the curfew and issue fines to those disobeying the new guidelines.