29 Oct 2002

Solomons government agrees to sort out teachers' pay problems within four months

6:04 pm on 29 October 2002

Teachers in Solomon Islands returned to work on Monday after months of industrial action over the Government's failure to pay them all their outstanding wages.

On Friday the Solomon Islands National Teachers Association signed a memorandum of understanding with the Minister of Education, giving the Government four months to sort out the wage arrears.

The teachers are owed around a month's salary, while their union says it has not received payments covering dues and credit union contributions totalling several million dollars.

The SINTA secretary, Fred Taika, says it is up to the Government to sort out the payments or face more industrial action early next year.

"We give the government four months to sort out teachers two salary arrears plus other demands and if nothing happens within these four months then SINTA reserves the right to call for another industrial action."

Fred Taika, SINTA's Secretary