29 Oct 2002

Experts arrive in American Samoa to set parameters for minimum wage rates

11:09 am on 29 October 2002

A team of Labour Department officials from the United States will arrive in American Samoa next month to collect data from the government and private sectors for the American Samoa Economic Financial Report.

The report will be used by a US government review panel next year to set the territory's minimum wage levels.

Unlike the rest of the United States, American Samoa's minimum wage varies depending on the industry with 2 dollars 75 as the lowest category to 4 dollars 9 in other industries.

The largest private employer, the tuna canneries, have a 3 dollars 26 minimum, while the government's minimum wage is 2.77 an hour.

The figures are reviewed every two years and the new rate set by a six man panel appointed by the Labour Department.