29 Oct 2002

More cutbacks as Fiji police run out of money

11:07 am on 29 October 2002

Fiji police have been forced to cut back on the fight against crime because of a shortage of money.

The Fiji Times reports that the force has only 1 point 3 million dollars of the 24 million allocated for this year.

The report comes as thieves robbed a Suva shop at the weekend after a second attempt and left an unmanned police post in front of it damaged.

The police commissioner, Col Isikia Savua, says the force was faced with a severe cash crisis two months ago when security had to be withdrawn from parliament and the number of special constables has been cut back to only 200.

The setting up of a Police Intellegence Bureau has been put on hold because of budget constraints.

Instead police are relying on their Australian and New Zealand counterparts to counter terrorist activities in Fiji.