29 Oct 2002

Objections continue to New Caledonia nickel project

11:23 am on 29 October 2002

A Kanak member of the New Caledonian Congress, Nicole Waia, says the Goro nickel plant is not needed and is also unlikely to be built.

The Goro plant is to be constructed by Inco of Canada and will become one of three nickel projects in the territory.

Nicole Waia says the one point four billion US dollar project in the south of the main island is faced by delays and unresolved issues.

She says these include the environment, the planned arrival of thousands of Filipino workers and controversy over mining rights at Prony.

"Frankly, we don't need Inco here because SLN is here in the south and SMSP is in the north, so the balance of the country is there. Why are they going to build another plant? What for?"