29 Oct 2002

Fiji tourism operators to be briefed on security issues

6:02 pm on 29 October 2002

A high ranking Fiji police officer is to address a Fiji Hotel Association forum this week on security issues in the wake of the terrorist bombing in Bali.

The association's executive officer, Olivia Pareti, says most tourism operators have security in place but at a practical level, there needs to be more awareness.

Members of the industry met with police over the weekend to discuss setting up a consultative group on security issues.

Ms Pareti says the head of CID, Senior superintendent Berenado Davata, will address the forum which is being held this Thursday and Friday.

"The first aim is to be better informed about what is happening around the world in cases like this, and also at a practical level is for our hotels and resorts and all the other tourism operators to just to create a little bit more awareness and I think that is really necessary given the global situation at this point in time."

Olivia Pareti, the executive officer of the Fiji Hotel Association.