30 Oct 2002

Another Fiji soldier in court accused of aiding mutineers and carrying arms

12:36 pm on 30 October 2002

The interview file of a former Fiji soldier accused of being involved in the November 2000 army mutiny has disappeared.

The Fiji Times reports that this was disclosed by police when Suva magistrate Laisa Laveti rejected a photo-copy of Kanitu Mataniqasau's caution interview in court yesterday.

Mataniqasau is charged with aiding mutiny, going armed in public and being in posession of firearms without a license.

Inspector Nacanieli Veramalua told the court the accused was taken to the Lami Police Station on November 5th 2000 with two M-16 rifles, one with a telescopic sight, thirty rounds of ammunition and a stun grenade.

Mataniqasau's defence lawyer says there was no evidence that his client knew about the events that were to take place at the Suva military camp on November 2nd, 2000

But the state prosecutor maintains that there are military witnesses to testify that Mataniqasau was seen in the camp on the day of the mutiny with guns and knew the principal offenders.

Magistrate Laveti will give her ruling next month.