30 Oct 2002

Election material of opposition leader seized by Kiribati police

5:42 pm on 30 October 2002

Kiribati police say they will be seizing election pamphlets belonging to the opposition leader, Dr Harry Tong because of his use of the national flag.

The news agency, Pacnews reports the Police Commissioner, Tuare Ioana saying that Dr Tong is breaching the National Identity Act which prohibits the use of the flag without the permission of the President.

Mr Ioana says Dr Tong will be taken to court if he continues to print the country's flag on his election pamphlets.

Kiribati is to hold general elections on November 27.

A spokesperson for Mr Tong says the Act prohibits the use of the Kiribati flag for commercial purposes and that including it on an election pamphlet is definitely not illegal.

So far, 22-thousand pamphlets have already been distributed and Commissioner Ioana says attempts will be made to recover them.