5 Nov 2002

Solomons government says no to publishing accounts

11:39 am on 5 November 2002

The Solomon Islands govenrment says calls by the Civil Society Network to publish its spending and prioritise will cause further unrest in the country.

Edward Kingmele, the Prime Minister's Permanent Secretary says publishing government accounts will raise people expectations of receiving money when there is none to give.

Mr Kingmele's comments come after the Civil Society Network called on the government to publish its weekly priorities and spending to increase transperancy and public understanding.

Mr Kingmele says people should understand that law and order must be established first.

"We have a lot of unpaid bills, people who have done work for government are to be paid, government rentals and all that. The hospitals are running out of medicine and all that, we are very concerned about that, but the priority for the government at the moment is law and order. Until we have total peace here all else will not be a success story."

Edward Kingmele says the Network and other NGOs can look at the auditor general's report which outlines where public funds have been spent.