5 Nov 2002

Water restrictions in Samoa could be over within two weeks

6:27 pm on 5 November 2002

Samoa Water authority says that the water restrictions in place for the west side of Apia could be lifted within two weeks once a new treatment facility is up and running.

Close to twenty thousand people in total are affected by the restrictions which means water is only available for half the day.

General manager, Latu Kupa says if all goes well, the supply could even be back to normal by the end of the week.

Mr Kupa says the hiccup was expected because of the need to have a new facility in place.

"The existing treatment is enough to cater only for the apia township,. Given the population, this new facility will push the water right up to the end of the west side of upolu island, and we do need to treat that water, and also to give them some reliable water supply."

Mr Kupa says four water trucks are going out to the district on a twenty four hour basis.

He is warning that those customers in arrears will have to pay their accounts before they are given water.