6 Nov 2002

Solomons asks for help for flood victims

11:47 am on 6 November 2002

The Solomon Islands National Disaster Council is calling for help to feed and house several thousand people made homeless by flooding.

This comes on top of requests for international assistance for three thousand more evicted from their homes by a police action on the Guadalcanal weathercoast as they attempt to capture a rebel leader, Harold Keke.

Caspar Fa'asala, the chairman of the NDC, says about a thousand villagers are affected on Small Malaita after a flooding river washed away several villages.

And he says the others affected are in South Guadalcanal.

Mr Fa'asala says they hope to be able to send a ship with supplies to Small Malaita on Thursday.

"We have so far identified food as the basic need for south Guadalcanal and south Malaita. Also for south Malaita we are looking at seeds, packets of seeds, household goods, water containers."

Caspar Fa'asala says they also need shelter and gardening implements such as hoes.