8 Nov 2002

Suspended Marshalls Islands chief justice seeks lifting of detention order

11:23 am on 8 November 2002

The suspended Marshall Islands Chief Justice, Justice Charles Henry wants the High Court to order the Attorney General to lift a detention order barring him from leaving the capital.

Justice Henry is facing six charges of cheating and one of attempted cheating.

The charges were filed against him a month ago, but he is yet to be arraigned, which he says is a violation of his rights to a speedy arraignment.

He says he is being held against his will because no court has issued any order preventing him from departing.

The only other High Court judge, H Dee Johnson, cannot hear the case as he may be called as a witness, so Justice Henry's motion has been set for a hearing on Monday before Palau Judge Arthur Ngiraklsong, who is flying in specially for the case.

The suspended judge's lawyer has filed a motion for habeas corpus, a move generally reserved for attempting to get prisoners released from jail.