9 Nov 2002

Solomon Islands opposition attacks government's approach to police

9:42 am on 9 November 2002

The Solomon Islands opposition has described the government's stance towards the police as hypocrisy.

Its leader, Patteson Oti, made the accusation after the police commissioner, Morton Sireheti, resigned, citing government interference.

Dorothy Wickham reports.

"Mr Oti praised Mr Siriheti for revealing the hypocricy of the government. Mr Oti sais it is deceptive and totally dishonest when the government publicly supports yhe rebuilding of the police force while at the same time meddling in operational and management issues of the force. He also questioned why the prime minister is only interested in one single police constable when there is a current UNDP programme being undertaken at the request of the government to demobilise the special constabulary, He said it was negativism if government is only concerned about one individual. Mr Oti called on Australia and New Zealand, who have provided financial and technical support for restructuring the police force, to reconsider their position in the light of the Police Commissioner's resignation."