13 Nov 2002

Solomons power authority faced with unpaid bills by water authority

11:33 am on 13 November 2002

The Solomon Islands Electricity Authority says it is stuck with bills that the water authority has not paid but at the same time it is no option to turn its power off.

This has been revealed by the general manager of the Electricity Authority, Mike Nation, as his company tries to find cheaper ways to generate power.

Dorothy Wickham reports.

"Solomon Islands Electricity Authority general manager, Mike Nation, says the water authority owes 2 million Australian dollars for its electricity bills but he says the power supply to the water supply authority facilities cannot be turned off because it would mean no water for the capital. In its attempts to provide cpollective power supply at a cheaper cost, the authority has begun a pilot project to use coconut oil as fuel for its engines. A signing ceremony between the Authority and the Australian aid agency, AusAID, has been held to begin tests in one of the provinces."