14 Nov 2002

Fiji's Great Council of Churches urged to protect the country's peoples

11:39 am on 14 November 2002

Members of Fiji's Great Council of Chiefs have been warned to be wary of people who want to destabilise the government and destroy the lives and hopes of people.

The Fiji Times says the warning has been issued by the chair of the Council, Ratu Epeli Ganilau, during a meeting of the chiefs now underway at the army camp in Suva.

Speaking in Fijian, Ratu Epeli urged the chiefs to disregard their individual needs and learn to share and care for the people of the country.

He said the needs and concerns of citizens of other ethnic groups living in Fiji should also be taken into account and their lives and property protected.

Raur epeli called on the chiefs to strengthen their solidarity and work together as a body to fight for the rights and livelihoods of all citizens, indigenous Fijians as well as other ethnic groups.

Ratu Epeki urged them to act responsibly in serving the people and to work with the government in ensuring a peaceful and prosperous nation