14 Nov 2002

PNG unions opposed to government proposals to increase business fees

5:27 pm on 14 November 2002

Unions in Papua New Guinea have joined the businesses against the government's proposal to increase levies and fees on local and foreign companies.

The Public Employees Association has written a protest letter to the Labour and Employment department while the Trade Union Congress says that the proposed increases will cause massive job losses.

The Post Courier reports the TUC's General Secretary John Paska as saying that increasing employers rates will have the effect of laying off workers and force many businesses to close.

Last week, the government proposed a new permit fee of more than 1000 US dollars on temporary buildings on business sites, levies and fees on foreign companies, hikes in permit fees on industrial equipment such as cranes, forklifts and vessels.

Meanwhile, business leaders are preparing a submissions to the Labour and Employment departments.

The private business sector are proposing that deparmental bureaucracy regarding business and workers permits be streamlined as a cost cutting measure.