15 Nov 2002

Indonesian military allegedly linked to Freeport ambush

5:12 am on 15 November 2002

A senior police officer in the Indonesian province of Papua says special forces soldiers are suspected of involvement in an ambush that killed two Americans and an Indonesian near the Freeport mine in August.

The Papua deputy police chief Brigadier General Raziman Tarigan has told the French news agency AFP that a native Papuan told police a week after the ambush that he could name four of the 11 soldiers involved in the attack.

Brigadier General Tarigan says the man, Deky Murib, previously worked for a local unit of the Kopassus special forces.

He says he regretted his involvement in the ambush and reported to the police.

The police commander says the four soldiers identified are intelligence operatives, while Deky Murib was an informer and guide for Kopassus.

The US has described the ambush as a terrorist attack.