15 Nov 2002

Increasing concerns in Fiji that coup and mutiny masterminds may never be brought to justice

4:22 pm on 15 November 2002

There is public concern in Fiji that the masterminds behind the November 2000 mutiny and the coup six months earlier may not be brought to justice.

The issue has been raised after the 15 soldiers found guilty of the mutiny were sentenced to prison terms ranging from life to 18 months.

During their 15 month court martial, the soldiers revealed that orders for the mutiny had come from senior military officers, public figures and a paramount chief and government senator.

In an editorial today, the Fiji Sun newspaper says the onus is on the authorities to find out the masterminds of the upheaval and bring them to justice.

The Fiji Times sas if some of the key players are still at large, they should be rounded up and punished.

Meanwhile about 30 other soldiers from the now disbanded Counter Revolutionary Warfare Unite to which the mutineers belonged have been under detention for two years and are still awaiting court martial.

And the military is still continuing investigations into the case of over 50 soldiers who seized the Labasa barracks at the height of the post coup crisis.