18 Nov 2002

Marshall Island nuclear campaigners say they are still fighting for justice

3:44 pm on 18 November 2002

A spokesman for Bikini Islanders says people from areas of the Marshall Islands affected by US nuclear weapons tests still want justice and an apology from the US government.

Johnny Johnson has just been to Washington to lobby on the nuclear test related concerns of Marshall Islanders.

Mr Johnson joined a team of people from Enewetak, Ronglap, Utrik and Bikini that sought from the US Congress more funding for health care and compensation.

He said many new members of the US Congress knew nothing about the Marshall Islands and the problems facing his nation.

Mr Johnson said one of the key issues was the funding for a special medical programme that ran out this year.

He says the four atolls intend to continue to work together for what they regard as justice