21 Nov 2002

Leading Samoan clergyman questions domestic abuse figures

12:02 pm on 21 November 2002

A leading Samoan clergyman has rubbished a claim that fifty per cent of women in Samoa have been victims of domestic abuse.

The Reverend Oka Fauolo says there are no facts supporting the claim made by Mapusaga O Aiga, an organisation fighting abuse of women and children.

Reverend Oka, the chairman of the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa, says the claim is outrageously false and likely to damage the country's image.

He has likened the potential ramifications to damage done to Samoa's reputation by the published works of anthropologist Margaret Mead.

"They talk with one or two families and they take that as a picture of fifty per cent of the women in Samoa. I think it is very unwise to do this. If they really want to do proper research they must see more of the country, more of the women."

The Reverend Oka Fauolo.