25 Nov 2002

New Caledonia's parties prepare candidate lists for Thursdays election of a new executive

7:40 am on 25 November 2002

New Caledonia's political parties have prepared three lists of candidates for Thursdays election of a new 10 member executive.

After the collapse of the collegial government 10 days ago, the territory's congress will choose a new government in proportion to the parties' strength in the legislature.

The news agency, AFP, says the pro-independence FLNKS has put its former leader, Roch Wamytan, is in second place which will ensure his return to the executive.

He will replace Aukusitino Manuohalalo in the collegial government.

The list of the anti-independence RPCR/FCCI is led by the incumbent President, Pierrre Frogier, while the pro-independence Caledonian Union's list is headed by Gerald Cortot.

He had resigned in protest at RPCR policies, which, in line with provisions of the Noumea Accord, automatically led to the government's dissolution