25 Nov 2002

176 candidates for 40 seats in Kiribati election

6:43 pm on 25 November 2002

The Chief electoral officer in Kiribati Betiota Tooki says 176 candidates are to contest the 40 seats in Kiribati's parliamentary assembly, or Maneaba-ni-Maungatabu, this Friday.

The successful candidates, after they have been sworn in, will then nominate up to four of their number to run for President, with that poll to take place on January 30th.

Mr Tooki says conclusive results of the assembly election will be available by Friday night.

Meanwhile Radio Kiribati reports that the Public Service Office has repeated a warning to all government workers to stay out of politics.

The warning comes amid concern from several candidates over the involvement of some public employees in the election process.

The Permanent Secretary Tebuai Uaai says all government employees are prohibited from campaigning, supporting or canvassing support for any candidate.