26 Nov 2002

Fiji Teachers union says more teachers are on their way out

6:18 pm on 26 November 2002

The president of the Fiji Teachers Unions is predicting that even more teachers will resign and head overseas over the next couple of months.

Ten teachers a day are reported to be leaving their jobs to take up positions, mostly in New Zealand and Australia.

Bal Ram says the problem is being compounded by the government freeze on hiring new teachers for the public service.

"On one hand, the government is talking about quality education, they've increased the budget for education, they've improving the facilities and we're very happy with all those things,.... but they' just may have the same number of teachers with such large classes....so where will we end up?... we won't end up with quality education."

Mr Ram says the teacher-pupil ratio is one to fifty in primary schools which he believes is double what it should be.

He says the union has had discussions with the ministry of education but it's been told that the ministry of finance turns down proposals for additional teachers.