28 Nov 2002

Keke hunt continues in Solomons despite police killing

5:36 am on 28 November 2002

The hunt to capture Solomon Islands rebel leader, Harold Keke, is continuing despite the deaths of two men, including a police officer, last week.

The police officer was buried in Honiara on Monday.

At least eight people have now been killed since the hunt to capture Keke began nearly two months ago.

The deputy commissioner, Wilfred Akao, says the Government is putting in every effort to support the operation but he says it is not easy for police, given the terrain, the dense jungle and the tropical weather.

Mr Akao says he cannot give an indications of how long the hunt can continue.

"We do not know long but the people in the area would wish for the police to complete the operation and wish very much for the police to capture Harold Keke, because he is the threat to the people in the area."