28 Nov 2002

Fiji Labour Party accuses chief justice of politicising judiciary

11:21 am on 28 November 2002

The Fiji Labour Party has accused the chief justice, Daniel Fatiaki, of politicising the judiciary.

The Fiji Times reports that the Labour leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, made the accusation in parliament when referring to the delay in the hearing of the multi-party cabinet case.

Mr Chaudhry says Justice Fatiaki has been deliberately unwilling to constitute the supreme court which will hear the government's appeal against a ruling by the appeal court in March that Labour should be part of the government.

M Chaudhry claims this was a scheme worked out between the chief justice and the government.

He says Justice Fatiaki's recent statements suggest that he is unlikely to constitute the supreme court this year.

Mr Chaudhry say questions relating to the unconstitutionality of the SDL government have not been settled when the supreme court met twice this year to consider cases which he says were of lesser constitutional importance.