28 Nov 2002

Air Marshalls looks set to win case against failed plane maker Dornier

5:13 pm on 28 November 2002

Air Marshall Islands or AMI appears on its way to victory in its Supreme Court case against the Gernman aircraft manufacturer, Fairchild Dornier.

The Marshall's High Court had earlier issued a 1-POINT-6 million US dollar default judgement against Dornier, which the company had appealed to the Supreme Court.

AMI had filed the suit because they said Dornier refused to return a deposit of 1-POINT-6 million dollars made on an order for two Dornier 328s that was subsequently cancelled.

Dornier filed for bankruptcy in April this year.

Near the end of the oral arguments, Supreme Court judge Barry Kurren indicated that he was in agreement with AMI's position.

Judge Kurren says the High Court made every effort to get Dornier to respond to the claim before moving on, but he says Dornier continued to stall the process.