29 Nov 2002

New Caledonia has new government

11:50 am on 29 November 2002

The 54 member New Caledonian Congress has elected a new government.

They chose ten members after agreeing last week to reducing the executive from eleven.

Seven are from the RPCR/FCCI grouping, two are from the FLNKS and one from the Caledonian Union.

The RPCR grouping is led by the President, Pierre Frogier, while Dewe Gorodey has retained her post as vice-president.

Roch Wamytan, who was a vice-president in an earlier government, is back in government, replacing in the FLNKS ranks Aukusito Manuahalalo, the former health minister.

The Caledonian Union's only minister is Gerald Cortot, whose resignation two weeks ago led automatically to the dissolution of the collegial government.