21 Sep 2005

Fiji's minister of fisheries refuses to resign over failed project

5:14 am on 21 September 2005

Fiji's minister of fisheries, Konisi Yabaki, says he will not resign over a government decision to dump a Japanese-funded aid project.

The cabinet decided to pull the plug on the multi-million dollar Lami jetty project after years of opposition to it from residents and landowers in the area, which is close to Suva.

There have been calls for the minister to step down because he supported the project despite being told that the site was too close to a residential area and more suitable alternatives were available.

But, Mr Yabaki says he sees no reason to resign.


IN: That was a cabinet decision. It's something that we all agree on so I don't know why I should resign on that.

DUR: 7

Mr Yabaki says he is aware that the Japanese are unhappy about the decision but he hopes to continue talks over whether they will fund the project at an alternative site.