4 Dec 2002

Vanuatu Opposition planning vote of no confidence in Natapei administration

6:01 pm on 4 December 2002

The Opposition in Vanuatu says it is planning to bring a vote of no confidence in the Natapei Government early in the New Year, after shelving plans for such a vote in the current session of Parliament.

The Opposition leader Willie Jimmy says the people are angry over the Government's mishandling of the economy, and the controversial appointment of the police commissioner which led to the mutiny trial.

And Mr Jimmy says the Government action in reversing the amalgamation of the country's two airlines is irresponsible, as was its hike in the guaranteed price of copra just before the election.

And he says there are several bills currently before Parliament that are detrimental to Vanuatu society, including the Debit Tax Bill.

"..that is the bill that allows the government to authorise the banking institutions in Vanuatu to make a debit on each of their client's accounts.., a certain amount based on the withdrawals they make every time....So if you withdraw thousand vatu every time, you have ten vatu deducted as a government tax. This is a direct stealing from the public and we condemn that."