6 Dec 2002

Medical workers still on standby after Vanuatu earthquake

4:51 pm on 6 December 2002

Medical workers remain on standby near Merelava island in Vanuatu a week after an earthquake caused massive damage

No one was killed and just a handful were injured in the quake which measured 6 point 8 on the Richter scale.

The manager of Torba Provincial Health, Rosie Silas, says they have treated three injured people, including a mother who was trapped inside her home and sustained external injuries.

She says the quake is reported to have triggered landslides, damaging about 70 houses and destroying the water supply, which means people could still need medical help...

"Some are still getting frightened to travel in from their village to the clinic so we were standing by for any help if any emergency, any serious cases that affect them, then we have to go across. To stand by if any serious outbreak in the future, outbreak of malaria or diarrheoa, and influenza, because the community is left outside."

The manager of Torba Provincial Health, Rosie Silas.