9 Dec 2002

Solomons police send reinforcements to continue hunt for rebel Keke

5:44 pm on 9 December 2002

Solomon Islands police have sent reinforcements to the Weather Coast to bolster the force trying to capture the warlord Harold Keke.

It follows the killing of a police man and the wounding of two others, allegedly by Keke's men, last week.

The campaign, which has now been in progress for two months, has claimed nine lives.

Acting police commissioner John Homelo says they are reviewing their approach, but will not abandon the campaign.

"we try to put up some new strategy, how to go about it but at the same time we still put our man on the ground because if we totally withdraw from the area back to Honiara then something more serious is likely to happen there. We will still remain in the area we try to sense our strategy and then we are going back there to try and capture him, we're not giving up"

Acting police commissioner John Homelo.

He says the force hunting Keke is now nearly one hundred strong.