10 Dec 2002

Former Solomons Prime Minister says Cabinet Ministers misused public money

5:59 pm on 10 December 2002

Former Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Bartholomew Ulafa'alu, has accused ministers of behaving as if they are above the law.

He told parliament that Cabinet ministers have misused public money left, right and centre and have broken financial instructions.

During a debate on the 2003 Budget, Mr Ulufa'alu says such Ministers should be disciplined.

George Atkin reports from Honiara:

":Mr Ulufa'alu describes the two previous budgets of 2001 and 2002 as nothing more than political budgets, because they didn't have contributions from public officers. He says the 2003 budget is exactly the same, and doesn't reflect the policies of the national coalition government. Mr Ulufa'alu says because the budget doesn't reflect the government policies, the nation is left in a situation where people could make use of public money. He says it is no wonder there is a helpless situation in Solomon Islands."