11 Dec 2002

Policitican sues American Samoan House Speaker

4:47 am on 11 December 2002

The Speaker of American Samoa's House of Representatives, Matagi Ray Moore is being sued by a politician for allegedly misuing Fono or parliamentary funds.

A class action suit against Matagi has been filed by Representative Agaoleatu Charlie Tautolo who wants the speaker to return over 56-thousand US dollars he says was misappropriated from the Fono budget.

Matagi is alleged to have used the funds to privately purchase a car without going through the proper government channels and to pay for his wife's travel expenses when she accompanied him off island twice last year.

Agaoleatu also want's Matagi to compensate him for court and attorney fees and that the court issue a permanent injunction against the speaker to stop him from appropriating fono funds or to purchase anything through his office.