12 Dec 2002

Fiji politician calls for terrorism to be stamped out in Fiji

5:43 pm on 12 December 2002

The Fiji Democratic Party says the country should not be worried about terrorism in other countries but first stamp out its own ethnnic terrorists.

The party leader, Filipe Bole, says the May 2000 coup could not have succeeded but for the lengthening list of prominent indigenous Fijians involved in the intrigue to topple the Chaudhry government.

He says the depth of the intrigue is similar to that of a terrorist organisation, and would have remained a mystery if the court cases now underway had not been held.

Mr Bole says the Fiji Democratic Party has been worried and concerned about these questions and has written to the police and the ministry of home affairs asking to take action.

"They are people whose faces are shown and named that have been involved in the coup in May 2000 and we don't know what is going to happen to them, really talking to the police also and to the authorities in Fiji asking them what to do what are they going to do in these cases anybody else the position would be very quickly on them."

Mr Bole says the party will keep asking the question until action is taken against the people named in the trials.