13 Dec 2002

Fiji senator calls for indigenous leadership in perpetuity

11:45 am on 13 December 2002

Fiji's Senate has heard that the country would be in turmoil forever unless indigenous Fijians hold the leadership in perpetuity.

The warning has been sounded by government senator, Mitieli Bulanauca, who says unless indigenous Fijians hold the leadership the country will be in a worse situation than ever before.

Senator Bulanauca says Fijian leadership can run Fiji democratically and make policies to benefit all races.

He says the constitution must also be changed to make "Lord Jehovah" the God of Fiji and Christianity its official religion.

Senator Bulanauca says the peace prosperity and harmony of Fiji lies in Lord Jehovah.

He says other people will be free to choose their own gods but they must remember that Fiji must be ruled by indigenous Fijians under Christian principles, as the prime minister Laisenia Qarase's SDL government is doing.

The Senator says moderates in the former Alliance and SVT governments are dangerous and should leave the current government to progress.