17 Dec 2002

Federal help means Guam services slowly being restored

7:44 pm on 17 December 2002

The US Federal Emergency Management Agency and Air force officials have flown into Guam more than 37 times over the past few days to help with efforts to restore services following typhoon Pongsona.

The planes brought in equipment ranging from tarpaulins to utility trucks to help with restoring power throughout the territory.

The typhoon, which hit more than a week ago, brought down dozens of power lines and kilometres of lines.

Supplies have also been flown to Saipan and Rota in the neighbouring Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands.

The Red Cross in the Northern Marianas says 114 homes were destroyed in Rota and more than a hundred and fifty were damaged.

In Guam, nearly two thousand homes were destroyed or made uninhabitable and a similar number suffered significant damage.