18 Dec 2002

Thousands of people remain in emergency shelters in Guam

4:45 pm on 18 December 2002

3,000 people remain in emergency shelters in Guam following last week's typhoon, Pongsona.

Ed Conley from the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, says it's now estimated that 6,000 homes were destroyed and 35,000 people made homeless as a result of the typhoon.

He says they're confident that they're supplying enough food and water to cover basic necessities.

Mr Conley says the aim now is to get people into temporary accommodation closer to their homes or work.

"These are large canvas tents that accommodate a family of six to eight people ..within these tents we are going to provide kitchen utensils, personal commodes, comfort kits, cots, blankets, and basic necessities"

Mr Conley says generators are being used while work continues on restoring power and the port has been repaired to the point where there is ready access for fuel.

And, recovery work is continuing in Rota and Saipan in the Commonwealth of Northern Marianas which was also hit by Pongsona.