20 Dec 2002

Water situation looking better at Fiji's Lautoka hospital

4:51 pm on 20 December 2002

The acting superintendent at Fiji's Lautoka hospital, Dr Tui Taoi, says they are better placed than others to cope with the growing drought threat in the country.

There have been widespread water shortages, both because of a drought and an inadequate and rundown supply system.

Earlier this week Dr Taoi says, hospital services were being disrupted by the cuts, and if the shortage continued into next week, they would be forced to send ambulatory patients home.

She says they have now had two days of no cuts, while the Water Board has given them a series of portable tanks, to which they will truck water if it's needed.

"what happens is the Public Works Department regularly fills up the tanks....these are just on stand by ...so when there is a cut off we use that ...that's just for the operations, the ward operation, the cleaning, what not"

Dr Tui Taoi.

Fiji's National Weather Forecasting Centre warned yesterday that tyhe country could face even drier weather next year.